Saturday, February 25, 2012


The final assignment of LCBK 212 Advanced Pastry Techniques class is to make a chocolate centerpiece.  For most students, this is the first time in the Le Cordon Bleu program they must create an artistic design, temper (pre-crystallize) chocolate for large structural pieces, use new techniques for chocolate molding, modeling, painting and construction.  Their work was colorful, creative and delightful.  When I asked what they learned in the process, they responded, “Chocolate is dirty.”  “It is delicate.”  “It takes a lot of patience.”  “Chocolate can be anything you want it to be – all you need is your imagination.”

Congrats to “D” shift pastry students Amanda, Raul, Lili, Kellyn, Liana, Christina, Priscilla, Lemons, Jen-Bunny, Ashley, Tori and Denise.

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